Prepaid Metering

Comparison Between Smart Postpaid and Prepaid Metering

 While having a smart and efficient energy market provides electricity and monetary savings for consumers, there are still those who find procuring a resource as critical and basic as electricity too expensive. If a consumer can’t afford an electricity deposit, has poor credit, or requires month-to-month flexibility, a conventional postpaid plan doesn’t help in any …

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Smart homes

What Communication Technologies Are Used In Metering for Smart Homes?

Ever since the prospect of sharing and analyzing electricity usage of consumers came into the picture, communications became the central pillar in the metering of smart homes. Each meter is expected to transmit data in a secure and reliable manner to a centralized entity. Given the different environments in which meters are installed, this is …

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Energy Management System

Advantages of Deploying an Energy Management System Globally

For critical industries, power distribution facilities, and commercial spaces, having electricity issues can mean more than just an inconvenience. It could potentially lead to operational and financial losses, causing a massive headache for everyone involved. An energy management system, therefore, is a value proposition for all such sensitive functions. In fact, many such facilities already …

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Electricity Meter

What are the Factors Driving the Smart Electricity Meter Rollout in India?

A recent report from Research and Markets establishes that between 2021 and 2026, the smart electricity meter market will grow approximately tenfold.  And why would it not? With its apparent benefits in metering and billing for both DISCOMs and consumers, it makes sense for the traditional meters to hang their cape and smart electricity meters …

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Energy meter

Benefits Of Connecting An Energy Meter To A Distribution Transformer

Let’s face it; distribution transformers can be considered the main backbone of any power distribution network. However, planning downtime and manually monitoring the many parameters of transformers now seems quite meaningless and menial work for power distribution companies. In fact, many companies have been pairing their distribution transformers with smart energy meter to add a …

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Power Industry

How Smart Grid Solutions are Transforming the Power Industry

Traditional grid technologies carry out a simple function, transmitting electrical power produced at a central power plant to the consumers. To perform this, the power industry is reliant on generating stations, cables, transformers and energy meters.  Smart grids, on the other hand, perform all these conventional functions while providing additional capabilities such as improved monitoring …

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Distribution in India

How Efficient Electricity Distribution in India Can Be Achieved?

India in route to achieving Efficient Electricity Distribution  Currently, the electricity distribution scenario in India is changing from traditional one to the smart one. And given the climate crisis and resource shortage, the change to the smart one seems to be the more sustainable option.  However, achieving energy efficiency is easier said than done. It …

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Efficient Electricity

Advanced Metering Infrastructure Service Provider (AMISP) For Sustainable and Efficient Electricity Management

As it stands today, the world is in dire need to switch to sustainability and efficient electricity generation methods. Why? Because there’s a massive amount of energy that’s wasted year after year. This means that the resources that go into generating this electricity are squandered as well. And we’re dependent chiefly on non-renewable sources to …

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Electricity Distribution

Efficient electricity Distribution In India | Genus Power 2022

In the past few years, we’ve witnessed major developments in the electricity distribution sector in India. We have finally achieved universal access to electricity. That said, power distribution is still to be the weakest link in the power supply chain. Utilities, as they are, can’t make investments to improve the quality of energy supply and …

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Renewable energy

Renewable Energy and Sustainability : What Smart Meters Bring to the Table

As the situation stands today, sustainability and renewable energy are the keys to achieving a livable future. Human activity has caused unprecedented levels of harm to our environment, some of which are irreversible. However, there are still areas where improvements can be made. Of such areas, the best one is the energy domain. Specifically, the …

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Genus Initiates Smart Meter Installation in Uttarakhand for Enhanced Power Efficiency

Genus becomes first and only Indian Company to get BIS certification for Gas Meters