End to End Smart Grid Solutions - Advance Metering Infrastructure

Smart grid solutions are the electricity network that enables a mutual way of power and data with digital communications technology that automatically detects, reacts, and pro-acts to local changes in usage and different other issues. There are self-healing capabilities in these solutions that enable electricity customers to become active participants.

Smart grid solutions help reduce electricity theft, electricity losses, electricity costs, meter reading cost, T&M operations and maintenance costs, equipment failures, and stress on assets of the smart grid system when there’s a peak condition that minimizes the probability of failure, and so on. Apart from these, smart grid systems emit zero amount of harmful gases, thereby keeping the environment green.

Smart grid solutions are beneficial for installation in plenty of places like enterprises, hospitals, retail stores, and multinational corporations. The entire solution is fully automated for tracking the consumption of electricity at all locations.

Some features of smart grid solutions include real-time tracking of consumption, building automation, maintaining smart appliances, real-time pricing, power monitoring, load forecasting, asset management and optimal utilization, frequency monitoring and control, distribution automation and protection, and so on.

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