Chairman’s Message


 Transforming The Power Distribution Domain


I am indeed privileged to share few words with you about Genus through our website.

I am gratified with the continued growth of our market share in smart metering products and solutions offerings. I am even more pleased with the prospects of Genus now emerging as a strong and capable AMISP (AMI Service Provider) in the new TOTEX (CAPEX + OPEX) model under the DBFOOT arrangement.

As you may be aware, Government of India (“GoI”) is implementing the National Smart Metering Project, under the Revamped Distribution Sector Scheme (RDSS), with a plan to install 250 million smart meters by 2025 with an estimated investment of USD Thirty billion. With technical and commercial losses exceeding 15% (fifteen percent) for major Indian utilities leading to high financial losses, smart metering projects under the RDSS scheme are conceptualised to reduce such losses, improve operational efficiency of DISCOMs and improve their financial sustainability by providing results linked financial assistance. Further Smart meters are at the core of operationalizing the recently announced “Time of the Day” Metering (ToD) announced by GoI.

I believe the implementation of the RDSS will revolutionise the Indian metering industry, leading to a significant increase in the annual industry size. This will be aided even more by the new TOTEX (CAPEX + OPEX) business model under the Design, Build, Finance, Own, Operate and Transfer (DBFOOT) arrangement, in which SEBs will not be required to invest in capex as the same will be facilitated by Advanced Metering Infrastructure Service Provider (AMISP).

At the global front, regulatory push, energy savings, booming urbanization and ambitious smart city projects are fuelling the international market of smart meters. Widespread and rapid deployment of smart meters could therefore be witnessed over the next few years as a result of adoption of renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind.

With the above background in mind, I can confidently say Genus is prepared to meet the local and global requirements of Smart Electricity, Gas and Water metering and associated services with customised product offerings economically based on its strengths such as lean implementation, world class manufacturing capabilities, forward and backward integration and zero defect initiatives.

With vast experience in the deployment of Smart Electricity Meters, commercialisation of Gas Meter and that of Water meter in pipeline, Genus will surely prove to be your ideal partner for smart meters as an OEM, supplier and as an AMISP end to end solution provider.

As we continue to focus on growth strategies for mutual success, I look forward to your continued trust in our products and services.





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