Corporate Social Responsibility

Serving Society Through Industry

With the motive of “SERVING SOCIETY THROUGH INDUSTRY” since inception, Genus Power Infrastructures Limited is committed towards people and society at large for bringing positive changes to the lives of mankind. Genus understands its moral, social and business responsibility to protect, preserve & nurture human values and also to promote socio-economic welfare. Genus certainly believes in sharing the financial gains not only with its members but also with the society around it. Genus always gives preference to serving the local areas where it operates, for spending the amount earmarked for Corporate Social Responsibility activities.

CSR Vision

A CSR vision statement identifies what a company would like to achieve or accomplish with regards to its social and environmental responsibilities. Genus CSR vision is therefore aptly “SERVING SOCIETY THROUGH INDUSTRY.” Genus is committed to create a more equitable and inclusive society by responsible business practices, supporting developments that lead to sustainable transformation and promote social integration.



CSR Vision


Environmental Sustainability

Promote environmental sustainability and ecological balance
by supporting green mission initiative through proactive
involvement in tree plantation.


Promote Employability

Promote employability through technical education for vulnerable
sections of society forging partnerships with the government,
NGO’s, Trusts and other organizations.


Alleviate Poverty

Eradicate hunger and poverty by providing livelihood assets
to poor and unemployed people to make them self-employed and
thereby bring them into the mainstream of the society.


Promote Healthcare

Promote healthcare by providing financial
and manpower assistance to various healthcare programs, services
and institutions.


Animal Welfare

Promote animal welfare by providing financial assistance for construction
and maintenance of Gaushala (cow shelter) for gau-sewa, specially taking care of injured and
medically challenged cows, bulls & calves.

Our CSR Projects

  • Genus believes that education is most important factor for the development of any country. It plays a vital role in the overall growth of a society. Genus believes that the education system should be skill-oriented in line with the advancement of science & technology. Technical education is required to meet the ever increasing demands of expanding society and industry. Considering above, Genus has taken a number of initiatives to not only impart primary education to the underprivileged children but also to provide the technical & skill-oriented education to youth and deprived class of people with a view to generate skilled and advanced human resource for the country.
  • Genus, through ‘Phoosraj Todi Technical Training Institute’, Churu, Rajasthan’ has provided technical education to needy youth and other deprived class of people.
  • Genus has partnered with ‘Friends of Tribals Society (TBS), Jaipur’ to carry out ‘Ekal Vidyalaya Movement’. In addition to providing education, Ekal education spreads awareness on health and hygiene, empowerment, rural skills, organic farming and ethical & moral values in tribal and other deprived children of rural Area.
  • The company supported Agrawal Shiksha Samiti, Jaipur (Rajasthan) in promoting education including special education and employment enhancing vocational skills.
  • Genus also supported Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women University, Jaipur, Rajasthan for promoting education including special education and employment enhancing vocational skills.
  • Genus supported Fogla Welfare Trust in its mission to providing education to deprived children of the society
    Additionally Genus has contributed to the school and colleges fees of poor and needy students in local area.

As the saying goes “healthy nation is a wealthy nation” Genus understands healthcare is extremely important for a nation. Genus strongly promotes and supports alternative systems of medicine – ‘Naturopathy’ and ‘Ayurveda’.

In line with this, Genus continued to support the ‘Baldev Agarwal Naturopathy Center, Moradabad’ which is formed to deliver naturopathy medical services to every class of people at subsidized rates to lead a healthy life. This centre has the facility for drugless therapies such as yoga physiotherapy, acupuncture, diet, hydrotherapy etc. This helps in treatment of acute and chronic diseases at low cost with practically no side effects.

Support is also rendered to Param Shakti Peeth, Delhi, for similar activities.

Genus provided support to Prakratik Chikitisalya, Jaipur specialised in naturopathy and panchakarma treatments like hydro therapy, mud therapy, sun therapy, physiotherapy, yoga, pranayama & other panchakarma treatments. It primarily emphasis the powerful nature of the human body’s natural homeostatic processes and targets the origins of disease, and prevents future illnesses, ensuring the long-term well-being of their patients.

Animal welfare, especially that of cow is very important for natural ecosystem. Cow has a special place in Indian society and Hindu religion. Cow also contributes to the health environment. Cow urine and cow dung is used for different purpose in daily life and medical activities.

Recognizing this, Genus since inception has been contributing a portion of its income to ‘Rajaldesar Gaushala’, Rajaldesar (Rajasthan). This Gaushala provides protective shelters for cows. Here, cows are provided with favourable environment, cared warmly and fed with healthy staple food.  Proper medical facilities to ill cows are provided.

Genus has also supported “Todi Agro Foundation, Jaipur” for the same cause.

Genus has sincere approach in protecting culture and heritage of our country through earnest initiatives on art and culture. Having this approach, Genus has supported ‘International society for Krishna Consciousness (“ISCKON”)’ Jaipur, Rajasthan for its various cultural activities and projects of protection of national heritage. Genus has also supported the ISCKON for its project of promotion & development of Traditional Tikri Mirror Art in the ISKCON’s Glory of Rajasthan Cultural Centre, Jaipur Branch.

Environmental Sustainability

Genus truly promotes environmental sustainability and ecological balance by supporting the mission of Green business through its products and solutions

Genus believes renewable source of energy, has an important role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating climate change, critical to protecting humans, wildlife, and ecosystems.

With this objective, Genus Power has taken up various initiatives and projects internally for reduction of Green House Gas (GHG) Emissions. The Company has installed rooftop solar and wind energy power plant for utilization of renewable energy and reduce the dependency on grid energy consumption. Some other initiatives taken up for energy efficiency are installation of energy efficient motors, LED lights, drives in injection moulding machine, etc. which in turn contributes towards reduction of GHG emissions.

Tree plantation : As more and more trees and forests are imprudently
being cleared away each day to give way to fulfill the needs of
industries, housing colonies and hotels & motels, the issue of
ecological imbalance is becoming a cause for concern. However,
with a view to maintain the balance of nature, Genus Group
forwarded their step for plantation of trees and creating basic
awareness around us related to importance of green
environment and ecological balance in our life.

Genus Initiates Smart Meter Installation in Uttarakhand for Enhanced Power Efficiency

Genus becomes first and only Indian Company to get BIS certification for Gas Meters