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Smart meters have undoubtedly become the new norm when it comes to energy metering solutions. Given their intelligent capabilities, many cities and countries are now switching to these smart solutions to drive efficiency and sustainability. Here are some benefits that make these meters better than their traditional counterparts.

  • Generate more accurate bills
  • Consumers can keep track of their usage
  • No need to send dedicated personnel for meter reading
  • Reduces electricity wastage and helps achieve sustainability

Smart meters have many pros. Not only do they help utilities reduce energy usage and improve monitoring and billing capabilities, but also contribute to sustainability. But when it comes to cons, smart power meters don’t have that many, except a few.
For instance, smart power meters don’t directly reduce your power consumption or bills. They only help you analyze your energy usage, leaving the reduction part to you.

As you may already know, smart meters help consumers and utility operators alike to improve monitoring and billing. And data is at the center of these functionalities.
Talking about data, smart power meters record essential information such as voltage levels, energy consumption, and power factor. Smart power meters relay this information to the consumer and the utility operators for better transparency, system monitoring, and billing.

Smart meters offer you better visibility of your power consumption. With it, you can see how and where you’re using energy, according to which you can tune your usage. Plus, it also provides better trackability, enabling you to monitor how much energy you’re using across various time brackets – today, weekly, monthly, and even yearly. The best part? All this information is visible on your mobile app.
Similarly, it also provides insights to utility operators, allowing them to control the energy outgo as per peak and off-peak hours, saving both energy and the resources that go into generating it

Yes, smart meters can help utility operators improve the reliability and quality of power supply. How? By offering energy providers insights into consumer energy usage. With such data, one can fine-tune the power supply, controlling energy output according to the peak and off-peak horse.
For instance, if the trends suggest lower energy consumption during the afternoon, energy providers can turn down the knob and save power. So, as you can see, with such functionalities, utilities can regulate power consumption and save essential resources.

In prepaid smart meters, power is cut-off once the prepaid amount you paid is exhausted. In a way, it works much like a pre-paid mobile number. Your connection is cut-off once the balance is exhausted. When the balance is low, an alert is sent to the consumer, prompting them to top up the balance, which you can either automate or pay manually.

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