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Data Collector Unit

AMR Solution

Data Collector unit (DCU) is a device with integrated LPRF & GSM/GPRS communication features. LPRF module of the device communicates with LPRF enabled Meters on-Demand or on Scheduled basis and stores it for further communication with HES. GSM/GPRS module of the device communicates with Head End System.


  • Automatic Meter Reading (Electricity, Gas, Water Meters)
  • Energy Auditing
  • Tariff switching and automatic load control
  • Power Distribution Management


  • AMR Compatible, support IR/IrDA/GSM/ GPRS /RF communication
  • Error Free Reports, Reduce manual Intervention in Meter reading
  • Different Manufacturer’s software can be uploaded for Meter reading
  • High Speed USB port for connecting external peripherals
  • UNIX/Linux based Operating System (2.6.30Kernel)

AMR Solution

Why is Meter Data Management important ?

Meter Data Management (MDM) is crucial for accurate collection, storage, and analysis of meter data, enabling utilities to optimize operations and enhance efficiency.

What is the role of MDMS ?

MDMS plays a central role in managing and processing vast amounts of meter data from smart meters, ensuring data accuracy, reliability, and accessibility for utilities.

What are the advantages of MDMS ?

Advantages include improved billing accuracy, efficient outage management, better grid planning, enhanced customer service, and support for demand response programs.

What are the best practices for Meter Data Management Systems ?

Best practices involve data validation, cybersecurity measures, regular audits, scalability, and integration with other utility systems for comprehensive data analysis.

What are the responsibilities of MDMS ?

MDMS is responsible for collecting, storing, and managing meter data, performing validation checks, supporting billing processes, and providing valuable insights for utility operations.

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