Top Distribution Transformer DT Metering Solutions

A distribution transformer is generally used in the electrical power distribution and transformation system. And a distribution transformer metering solution is a specialized hardware device that accumulates and measures information that is relative to electricity passing through and into a distribution transformer.

A distribution transformer metering solution performs the following functions:

  • Tracks the parameters of power and distribution transformer
  • Keeps the distribution transformers from failing
  • Minimizes the losses of power distribution
  • Monitors & alerts when the transformer phase fails.

The advanced Genus distribution transformer metering solution comes with integrated measuring & communication features that alert the utility provider against any transformer/power failure. It results in better asset management and saves costs for transformer maintenance. With the Genus DT meter, utility companies get real-time monitoring of the transformer electrical parameters, voltage, current, power factor, etc. Based on this information, utility companies can improve the management of distribution losses that directly impact the operation of any distribution company.

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