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Advantages of Deploying an Energy Management System Globally

For critical industries, power distribution facilities, and commercial spaces, having electricity issues can mean more than just an inconvenience. It could potentially lead to operational and financial losses, causing a massive headache for everyone involved. An energy management system, therefore, is a value proposition for all such sensitive functions.

In fact, many such facilities already have elaborate building management systems (BMS) in place that grant them control over structural assets such as air-conditioning, HVAC, elevators, lighting, and security. However, these systems do little to nothing when it comes to monitoring the power that these electrical assets use.

That’s where energy management systems come into the picture. With one of these in your facility, managers can have better visibility over all the resources that run on power, bestowing them with enhanced control. Ultimately, this will mean fewer power-related issues and, in turn, seamless operations in the future. What’s more, EMS also has its dedicated utility in smart grid solutions

But better visibility, control, and integration are just the preliminary benefits of an EMS. Read on to understand their other advantages. 

Reinforced Control

As mentioned earlier, an EMS facilitates end-to-end visibility over your in-premise power system via the way of data, which it collects from all the power distribution assets installed on your premises. 

With the data, managers can carry out predictive maintenance, rather than taking action after the anomaly has struck. Such vigilance keeps any potentially troublesome installation from wrecking your power system. 

This is far better than performing maintenance when workers or residents wait hopelessly in the dark for the power to return. 

But what if you have a power backup system? That eliminates the need for an energy management system, right? Well, not quite. Even if you have a power backup system ready to provide juice in case the main grid shuts down, every facility manager ever can recall an instance where the backup didn’t kick in as it was supposed to.

Such a situation can act as a double whammy in a power cut, as now, not only are your devices not able to complete their critical applications, but your investment in a power backup also didn’t yield you any value. 

Adding an EMS into the mix can ensure that your power backup systems are also constantly monitored so that when their need arises, they can answer the call reliably. 

When you take into account highly sensitive and critical industries like defense and mining, power issues can be quite costly, and not just in terms of money. Improved reliability and control with EMS can become a safety shield for both people and equipment. 

Genus can facilitate even better visibility with our Genus Meter, designed and manufactured to help facilities streamline their power requirements and delivery, and achieve greater efficiency. 

Better Insights

A building management system suffices when all you want is real-time information regarding the status of your facility assets. But given the high-velocity facilities of today, with greater efficiency requirements, how much power your assets consume is also a key factor that managers must factor in.

For this, an energy management system again comes to the rescue. 

These provide real-time consumption information on your breakers, transformers, automatic transfer systems, and other devices that are charged with the duty of supplying energy to your devices, while simultaneously ensuring their safety.

Other than the devices mentioned above, EMS can also be paired with any smart single phase meter in your facility to unlock even better, more in-depth insights made possible by the combined data-gathering capabilities of these two devices. 

The data gathered can also be deployed for comparative analysis and benchmarking purposes, which takes into account the consumption trends of any other branches or locations. 

At the end of the day, continuous visibility (made possible by accurate data collection) makes allocating costs, creating reports, and identifying rooms for improvement easy. 

More Savings

For any enterprise, their electricity bills make up for the most significant expenses. Just a few percentage points of the total usage can spell massive savings for the facility. 

Other costs include scheduled maintenance and upkeep, which aren’t always helpful. By utilizing the data extracted from the energy management system, managers can easily skip regular maintenance by remotely assessing asset health. This enables a predictive strategy that saves money spent on both regular and emergency maintenance. 

Eliminating such inefficiencies and allowing for better control can save facilities over 10% in utility bills and reduce operational costs by a further 30%.

Make more sense of energy consumption and allocation with the best 3 phase meter box India, crafted to perfection by Genus, India’s leading energy metering brand. 

Energy Management System for Everything

Be it any size, scope, or scale, EMS can help your facility make the most of the usage data and reduce operational and utility costs, allowing you to spend more where it matters.

Get data-driven insights from granular information, brought to you by Genus Power’s holistic metering systems – designed for efficiency and reliability.

Connect with us today and get to know how our solutions work and their value proposition.


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