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Multifunction Single Phase Meter

ShikharTM Multifunction Three Phase Electricity Meter

Shikar 100


The Shikhar-100 series of meters are a part of Genus 1 Phase AC Static Direct Connected meter lineup for domestic and commercial applications. This meter consists of a comprehensive array of energy registers phase wise and cumulative-with extensive configurability a user friendly display and aesthetically appealing housing.


  • IEC DILMS compliant
  • Four Quadrant Metering
  • Field replaceable battery (Optional)
  • Forwarded Metering and Net Metering (Import, Export)
  • Several configuration options viz, display, alerts, tariffs
  • Internationally localized display by virtue of displaying OBIS codes
  • Intuitive icons on display indicating Quadrant information, alerts, tariffs and others
  • Power quality analysis by harmonic profiling, power interruptions logging, sags and swells
  • IEC or ANSI Optical port for local data downloading
  • RS232/RS485 communication with one RJ11 & one RJ45 ports for daisy chaining
  • 12 billing histories
  • Up to 520 parameter days load survey with 30 minutes integration period
  • Selectable Sliding window or block method for demand calculation with programmable integration period
  • Seasons with 2 day profiles each, 8 tariff slots for each day profile, active and passive calendar with programmable activation date
  • Advanced anti tamper features
  • Bluetooth Wireless Communication with Version 4,2 and later
  • DLMS/COSEM HDLC Communication Profile for Wireless Communication

Shikhar 100

Multifunction Single Phase Electricity Meter


How do Single Phase Meters work ?

Static single-phase meters, also known as electronic meters, operate using solid-state components like microcontrollers and digital signal processors. They measure energy consumption, providing accurate readings without moving parts.

What is the accuracy of the Single Phase Energy Meter ?

Single-phase energy meters typically have high accuracy, often specified as a percentage, such as 0.5% or 1%, indicating how close their readings are to the actual energy consumption.

What are the errors of Single Phase Energy Meter ?

Errors in single-phase energy meters can result from factors like temperature variations, voltage fluctuations, or meter aging. Calibration helps minimize these errors.

What is the range of Single Phase Meter ?

The range of a single-phase meter refers to the maximum current it can handle. Common ranges include( 5A-30A) or (10A-60A), depending on the specific application.

What are the features of Single Phase Energy Meter ?

Features may include LCD displays, tamper detection, remote/Local communication capabilities, and load profiling to monitor energy usage patterns

How a Single Phase Energy Meter is calibrated ?

Calibration involves adjusting the meter to ensure accurate measurements. This process is typically performed using standard calibration equipment in controlled conditions.

Which Single Phase Energy Meters are more Accurate ?

Accuracy varies among meters, but electronic or smart meters tend to offer higher precision compared to traditional electromechanical ones.

On which Electrical Effect Single Phase Energy Meter Works ?

Advantages include accurate energy measurement, compact size, and the ability to handle a single-phase electrical system, common in residential and small commercial settings.

What are the advantages of Single Phase Meter ?

Single-phase energy meters measure the amount of electrical energy consumed by detecting the magnetic field produced by the current flowing through a conductor.

What is the working principle of Single Phase Energy Meter ?

A static single-phase energy meter measures electrical energy consumption using electronic components without rotating parts. It typically employs a microcontroller to sample voltage and current, calculates power, and accumulates energy usage over

What are Single Phase Meters ?

Single-phase meters are devices that measure and record the electrical energy consumption in single-phase electrical systems, commonly used in homes and small businesses.

Technical Specification

Connection type Single phase Two wire Direct Connected
Standards IEC 62052-11, IEC 62053-21, IEC 62053-23
Accuracy Class Class-1.0
Rated Voltage 220V, 230V, 240V (+20% to-40%)
Meter Type Indoor/Outdoor
Rated Current 5(100A), and all intermediate values
Starting Current 0.4% lb
Frequency 50 Hz ± 5%
Power Consumption As per IEC 62053-21
Battery Replaceable lithium battery for RTC with supercap backup Display reading during power off
Meter Constant 1000 imp/kWh, 1000 imp/kVARh
Display 7segment 7 digit STN LCD with Backlight
LED indicators 2 nos. (Active Energy and Reactive Energy)
Communication Ports Optical Port IEC 62056-21 or ANSI port RJ11 port for RS485 or RS232 1 nos. RJ45 ports for RS485 or RS232
Communication Protocol IEC62056 DLMS COSEM
Operating Temperature Range -25 °C to +55 °C
Storage Temperature Range -40 °C to +70 °C
Operating Humidity 95%, non condensing
Degree of Protection IP51 & IP54 (optional)
Meter Weight 1 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 187.5mm x 132mm x 65mm
Degree of Protection IP51 & IP54 (optional)
Auxiliary Terminals Selectable between

Pulse outputs: 2 nos. (Up to 250V AC/DC, 150mA), In accordance with IEC62053-31

Pulse inputs: 1 nos., In accordance with IEC62053-31

Control inputs: 1 no. (240V AC) Or any combinations (max. 2)

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