Multifunction Single Phase Meter

ShikharTM Multifunction Single Phase Electricity Meter

ShikharTM is a Single Phase Two Wire Direct Connected/Whole Current, tamper proof, uni-directional/bi-directional (optional), time of use Static Energy Meter. The Device is (Communication Compatible) with class of accuracy 1.0 and conforming to IEC 62053-21/23 and IS 13779.


  • Residential Consumer (Houses)
  • Light Commercial Connection (Commercial)
  • Townships
  • Shopping Complexes


  • AMR Compatible
  • Tamper Proof i.e. Ultrasonically Welded, Abnormal Magnetic field Detection & Top Cover Opening Detection


Multifunction Single Phase Electricity Meter

A single phase meter is a type of electric meter developed essentially to monitor and scale the energy consumption and the quality factor as well as ensure different means to prevent tampering.
To buy the best single phase energy meter connection, you need to contact your local utility provider and as per their norms, you need to process the applications. Once they approve your application and evaluate it properly, the electricity board will allocate the meter for you
A single phase meter can handle the load of 7.5 kW electricity, although it varies from state to state. Learn the best single phase meter price at Genus Power.
There are four terminals in a single phase meter. One pair of terminals is used for the current coil and the other pair of terminals is used for the voltage coil or pressure coil.
Genus Power is the leading single phase meter manufacturer and distributor in India where you’ll get the best single phase meter box price with optimum benefits. Also, to know the exact price of the smart metering solutions as per your requirement, get in touch with us.

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