Multifunction Single Phase Meter

ShikharTM Multifunction Three Phase Electricity Meter

“Genus ShikharTM is a Three Phase four wire Class1.0 Whole Current/Direct connected Time of Use static Electricity Meter confirming to IEC-62053-21/23 and IS 13779.
The microcontroller based Energy metering device is uni-directional/bi-directional (optional) for real time calculation of Energy parameters, memory management, LCD Display, RTC & also Communication Compatible.”



  • Residential Consumer (Houses)
  • Light Commercial Connection (Commercial)
  • Townships
  • Shopping Complexes


  • AMR Compatible
  • Tamper Proof i.e. Ultrasonically Welded, Abnormal Magnetic field Detection & Top Cover Opening Detection.


Multifunction Single Phase Electricity Meter

How do Single Phase Meters work ?

Static single-phase meters, also known as electronic meters, operate using solid-state components like microcontrollers and digital signal processors. They measure energy consumption, providing accurate readings without moving parts.

What is the accuracy of the Single Phase Energy Meter ?

Single-phase energy meters typically have high accuracy, often specified as a percentage, such as 0.5% or 1%, indicating how close their readings are to the actual energy consumption.

What are the errors of Single Phase Energy Meter ?

Errors in single-phase energy meters can result from factors like temperature variations, voltage fluctuations, or meter aging. Calibration helps minimize these errors.

What is the range of Single Phase Meter ?

The range of a single-phase meter refers to the maximum current it can handle. Common ranges include( 5A-30A) or (10A-60A), depending on the specific application.

What are the features of Single Phase Energy Meter ?

Features may include LCD displays, tamper detection, remote/Local communication capabilities, and load profiling to monitor energy usage patterns

How a Single Phase Energy Meter is calibrated ?

Calibration involves adjusting the meter to ensure accurate measurements. This process is typically performed using standard calibration equipment in controlled conditions.

Which Single Phase Energy Meters are more Accurate ?

Accuracy varies among meters, but electronic or smart meters tend to offer higher precision compared to traditional electromechanical ones.

On which Electrical Effect Single Phase Energy Meter Works ?

Advantages include accurate energy measurement, compact size, and the ability to handle a single-phase electrical system, common in residential and small commercial settings.

What are the advantages of Single Phase Meter ?

Single-phase energy meters measure the amount of electrical energy consumed by detecting the magnetic field produced by the current flowing through a conductor.

What is the working principle of Single Phase Energy Meter ?

A static single-phase energy meter measures electrical energy consumption using electronic components without rotating parts. It typically employs a microcontroller to sample voltage and current, calculates power, and accumulates energy usage over

What are Single Phase Meters ?

Single-phase meters are devices that measure and record the electrical energy consumption in single-phase electrical systems, commonly used in homes and small businesses.

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