Multifunction Three Phase Meter

ShikharTM Multifunction Three Phase Electricity Meter

Genus ShikharTM is a Three Phase four wire Class1.0 Whole Current/Direct connected Time of Use static Electricity Meter confirming to IEC-62053-21/23 and IS 13779.
The microcontroller based Energy metering device is uni-directional/bi-directional (optional) for real time calculation of Energy parameters, memory management, LCD Display, RTC & also Communication Compatible.


  • Residential Consumer (Houses)
  • Light Commercial Connection (Commercial)
  • Townships
  • Shopping Complexes


  • AMR Compatible
  • Tamper Proof i.e. Ultrasonically Welded, Abnormal Magnetic field Detection & Top Cover Opening Detection


Multifunction Three Phase Electricity Meter

  • 4Quadarant measurement option
  • Separate LEDs for Active & Reactive Pulse Output
  • Galvanically Isolated Optical port
  • Supported by an intuitive and user friendly client server based software solution for online/offline data monitoring & audit
  • Internal Battery Backup for meter reading in the event of Power Outage
  • Configurable parameters viz. TOU tables, Maximum Demand Integration Period, persistence time for tamper registration and restoration, Apparent calculation method
  • Anti-Tamper Features: - Current Reversal, Current by Passing, Neutral Disturbance, Phase Missing, Low Voltage
  • Voltage Rating ---3 x 240Volt
  • Current Rating
  • Ib = 10/20 Amp
  • Imax = 60/80/100 Amp
  • Class of Accuracy ---1.0
  • Compliance ---IS:13779/IEC 62053-21/23
  • DLMS/COSEM protocol.
  • Communication Port hardware compatible to IEC 62056-21
  • Measurement of Active/Reactive / Apparent Energy/Demand
  • Measurement & Storage of Load Profile, Bill History with kWh, kVAh, kVArh lag/ lead, Average Voltage, Current & frequency for DIP
  • Detection & Storage of Tamper and Transaction Events

Power Sector Leadership

  • 55+ million

    electricity meters installed
  • Empanelled
    with all leading utilities
  • 65000 sq mtr

    Integrated manufacturing
  • Research & Development
    lab recognized by Govt. Of India

Genus receives the Global Center of Excellence Award at Jaipur

Genus Story on CNBC TV 18 ” Centrestage”