How To Maximize Value Out of Your Smart Meters Installations

Smart meters efficiency is unparalleled when compared to traditional meters. That’s why, many countries are in the transition process, switching to these smart alternatives and leaving behind their conventional counterparts. If you too are looking to start a rollout campaign for your smart meters, there are many steps you can take to extract more value from the initiation.

Read on to know about why smart energy meters are important, their advantages, and how to plan an efficient roll-out.

What Are Smart Meters?

A smart meter works in the same way as a traditional meter does. However, the only difference is that these meters can communicate the energy usage parameters remotely. It can send the energy usage statistics remotely at regular intervals. Other than relaying the usage statistics, these meters also inform utilities about any potential power outages. As a result, it’s difficult to surpass smart meters’ efficiency.

Lastly, smart energy meters come in two types, a single-phase and a 3-phase energy meter. Three-phase meters are usually used in industrial applications, whereas single-phase meters can be used to meet both residential and commercial power requirements.

Advantages of Smart Meters

Intelligent power meters do offer many advantages for grid management and operations, such as:

  • Smart power meters can help locate non-technical losses
  • Smart energy meters also help in improving billing accuracy
  • These meters also help end-consumers make sound decisions regarding their energy usage, helping them reduce consumption, and in turn, improving smart meters’ efficiency.
  • Operators and utility managers also get a more accurate perspective on energy usage and demand, enabling them to integrate renewable resources into the grid.
  • Lastly, smart power meters can also be used to extract better insights from historical data.
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    How to Get the Best Value from Your Smart Meter Investment

    In order to get the maximum value out of your smart single-phase meter roll-out, you need to combine installations with distributed grid management. This enables real-time, relevant, and reliable collection of real-time data, allowing operators to review essential electrical parameters. Investing in distribution grid intelligence is essential to realizing the applications. Here are some other use cases of distributed grid intelligence:

  • Achieving Greater Insights: Through advanced algorithms of distributed grid systems, operators can process consumption information, made possible by real-time, granular, and high-quality data.
  • Fill in Data Gaps: Such systems also allow you to adjust and verify against inaccurate, redundant, obsolete, or missing data.
  • Improved State Estimation: Better grid visibility and traceability, made possible structured data combination.
  • Making the most out of your smart meter investment by integrating it with intelligent, targeted distribution grid analytics and management can allow utilities to move well beyond basic billing functions. This can open up possibilities for quality power management, real-time grid optimization, highly precise grid planning, and utmost smart meters efficiency.

    The Bottom Line

    By proper incorporation of smart meter technology, alongside distribution grid management, utilities, and energy operators can ensure end-to-end energy traceability, as well as proper billing, consumption statistics, and operational value.

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