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Benefits Of Connecting An Energy Meter To A Distribution Transformer

Let’s face it; distribution transformers can be considered the main backbone of any power distribution network. However, planning downtime and manually monitoring the many parameters of transformers now seems quite meaningless and menial work for power distribution companies.

In fact, many companies have been pairing their distribution transformers with smart energy meter to add a layer of automation to operations. Not only that, but these meters also allow utility providers to utilize power in an optimum way. 

But that’s just scratching the surface. In this blog, we’ll understand the benefits of using smart meters along distribution transformers for what is usually called distribution transformer metering

Advantages of Pairing an Energy Meter with Distribution Transformer 

The installation of a smart energy meter at all the distribution transformer sites provides the following advantages:

1. Divide and Manage 

Electricity distribution networks are laid over a wide geographical area, and managing them is a mammoth task that requires end-to-end and real-time visibility. By integrating smart meters with distribution transformers, utilities can essentially break up the distribution region into geographically smaller, more manageable chunks.

2. Puts a Spotlight on High Loss areas

Since you have full visibility over the distribution landscape, thanks to smart meters, utilities can now filter out transformers connected to a feeder on the basis of the loss figures clocked during transformer center audits. If a transformer is catering to an area that has registered high losses, you can focus your attention there until the recovery. 

At Genus, we provide state-of-the-art smart metering systems that unlock end-to-end grid visibility via reliable and fast data transmission. Avail the best single phase meter box price by visiting our website today!

3. Can Build Strategies to Reduce Theft

Talking about transformer-level energy audits, conducting this periodic due diligence allows utilities to form a systematic strategy to break up the distribution network down to the exact location of transformers where the energy theft is taking place. On top of that, you can also devise methods and take punitive measures to reduce the losses using audit insights. 

Plus, by including an energy meter with distribution transformers, you put into motion a scheme that brings consumer awareness that their energy usage is being monitored. This is similar to notices that are stuck outside shopping malls, informing visitors that they are being surveilled using cameras. 

What this does is create a layer of security that keeps thieves and pilferers at bay.   

4. Reduces Failures 

Transformer overload is the primary cause of failure rate in most distribution circles. However, with meters into the mix, utilities can identify heavily loaded transformers, as these devices are capable of recording and displaying advanced metrics and parameters. According to the figures, if a transformer is indeed overloading, the load can be shifted to other under-loaded transformers to balance things out.

You can also go the other way about and install more transformers to distribute the load evenly. All in all, the pairing of a meter and a transformer prevents overloading and damage to transformers, reducing overall downtime. 

From 3 phase meter panel boards to leading-edge distribution transformers, we at Genus offer a holistic range of metering solutions, designed to help DISCOMs make more sense of energy usage and reduce operational costs and downtime.

5. Enabling Restructuring

To enhance profitability, a utility provider may decide to put those transformers out of commission that are catering to the high-loss distribution sections or shelve them off to the private sector. Again, this is facilitated by a smart energy meter. And by doing so, providers can concentrate on profitable high-tension systems. This scheme is known as micro-distribution, and the installation of meters is a prerequisite to achieving this, or, as matter of fact, any restructuring scheme. 

Achieve restructuring, improved visibility, and reduced losses seamlessly by combining the utility of distribution transformers with Genus meter – India’s leading smart metering solution!

Why Choose Smart Metering System for Your Distribution Transformers?

Our advanced distribution transformer metering solutions come with integrated communication and measurement features that notify utility providers against any transformer/power failure. Overall, this results in better asset management and saves you transformer upkeep expenses. 

Plus, with Genus DT meters, utility companies get end-to-end real-time monitoring of the transformers’ electrical parameters, such as current, voltage, power factor, etc. Based on this data, utility providers can enhance the management of power losses, which directly impact the operation of any DISCOM.

So, streamline your distribution efficiency today with Genus’ wide range of metering solutions. For more information, get in touch with us right away!


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