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Smart Meters – The First Step in Achieving Efficient Energy Management

With global energy consumption expected to rise exponentially in this decade, efficient energy management is of vital importance. But demand is not the only issue at hand. We are in a time of climate change, with summers getting progressively hotter, and winters shorter. And with energy-efficient solutions alone, we can cut back on greenhouse gas emissions by up to 57%.

Smart meters have become the prime candidate for achieving efficient power management, with their numerous applications in energy tracking and monitoring.

Let’s discuss how these meters can be the building blocks for efficient energy consumption and management.

How Smart Meters can Facilitate Better Energy Management?

Sound power management starts with the effective measurement of energy consumption, which will need to be implemented on a massive scale if any realistic reduction in emissions and improvement inefficiency is to be achieved. Monitoring and metering are, therefore, essential elements in the energy management process.

With proper monitoring and metering, operators can gather crucial data they need to enhance energy performance. In fact, in a single office building, a functional metering system can generate savings of up to 10% in the short term. In the long run, one can expect savings of up to 30%.

Other than that, smart energy meters also help operators deeply understand energy consumption, thanks to elements like dynamic energy dashboards, graphs, tables, and images. For instance, using a smart meter’s dynamic system could show that a building’s HVAC system is using more power than usual. Once an operator knows that, they could regulate power in a way that reduces consumption, without any negative effect on performance.

Also, apart from operators, the consumption information will be available to the consumers as well, who can also adjust their power usage for better efficiency.

Naturally, choosing the best meters is also vital to the energy conservation process. For the best, most feature-rich meters, always choose Genus Company as your metering partner.

Other Benefits of Smart Meters

On top of efficient energy management, end-to-end smart grids will pave the way for a platform where utilities can efficiently deploy and develop new technologies for increasing energy storage capacity and expanding distributed energy generation (DG) such as solar and wind energy generation, and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

Smart energy measures can help operators monitor surplus electricity produced as well as the energy delivered, eliminating the need to install expensive distributed generated metering. With distributed generation, utilities can reduce the need for fossil-fuel-generated energy and therefore benefit the environment. Plus, a smart grid will also facilitate the use of EVs, which will reduce the consumers’ reliance on fossil fuels as well.

Smart meters will also bring down the consumption of resources and emission of pollutants and greenhouse gasses associated with carrying out basic utility services such as meter readings, connections, and disconnections, as these can be conducted remotely with smart energy meters without ever sending out a truck.

Convenient, right? Well, you can enjoy this benefit, along with many others, with the Genus meter, brought to you by Genus Power.

In Summary

With consumers and operators having the ability to track their energy usage more conveniently, thanks to smart power meters, they can start turning off unnecessary devices, use more efficient lighting, and adopt other energy-saving changes. These may lead to massive energy conservation, bringing about a drop in energy demand. And reduced emissions, courtesy of the decreased power generation, could pave the way for better air quality.

Adopt energy-efficient practices with Genus Power’s range of smart energy meters today. Be it a standard or 3 phase energy meter, we’ve got everything for you. Get in touch with us to know more!


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