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Net Metering

Net Metering

Bi-Directional (Net) Metering Solution

Genus Shikhar is a multifunction Class1.0 Direct Connected/Whole Current Time of Use static Electricity Meter confirming to IEC-62053-21/23 and IS 13779.
The microcontroller based Energy metering device is bi-directional for real time calculation of Energy parameters, memory management, LCD Display, RTC & also Communication Compatible.


  • Import-Export Electricity Measurement at interconnection points
  • Suitable for both On-Grid & Off-Grid Interconnection points
  • Net Electricity Measurement for Roof Top Solar, Wind & Other Renewable power generation sources


  • Single Metering unit for Bi-directional Energy Measurement
  • Separate Energy Registration for Power injection & drawl from/to Grid
  • Net Energy calculation for Power credits
  • Designed & Developed, as per CEA regulation 2006
  • Accurate Energy Measurement, 1.0 accuracy class


  • AMR compatible unit for local and remote communication
  • Internal Battery Back up to Display Meter Data in Power off event
  • Both kW & kVA measurement for Import & Export mode
  • History of Energy Consumption for Billing months
  • ToU wise, Daily & every 30min load profile Data availability
  • Configurability feature for ToU, Demand Integration (15/30/60Min) period etc
  • Self Diagnostic facility, Anti-Tamper/Event logging
  • "Genus-Urja", Base Computer Station Software, for user friendly Meter data
  • display in Matrix & Graphical format MIS report generation through BCS

Net Meter (Shikhar)

Bi-Directional (Net) Metering Solution

How is Net Meter Connected ?

Net meters are typically connected to the electrical grid and a renewable energy system (e.g., solar panels) to measure the flow of electricity in both directions.

What is Net Metering ?

Net metering is a billing arrangement where excess energy generated by a renewable energy system (e.g., solar) is fed back into the grid, and the customer receives credits for the surplus energy.

What is the limit of net metering ?

Net metering limits vary, but it generally allows customers to offset their entire electricity bill or carry forward excess credits for future use.

What is the use of Net Meter ?

Net meters measure the electricity consumed and produced, enabling users to track their energy production and receive credits for surplus energy fed back into the grid.

What is the maximum current in Energy Meter ?

The maximum current in an energy meter depends on its type and specifications, with common residential meters handling currents up to 100 amps.

What is the cost of net metering in India ?

Net metering costs in India can vary, but typically include installation charges and fees. It’s advisable to check with local authorities or utilities for specific pricing.

What are the benefits of net metering ?

Benefits include reduced electricity bills, potential income from excess energy generation, environmental conservation, and supporting sustainable energy practices.

How much Energy does Net Meter produce ?

The amount of energy produced by a net meter depends on the capacity of the connected renewable energy system (e.g., solar panels) and local environmental conditions.

What is the importance of installing a Net Meter ?

Installing a net meter allows users to monitor energy production, save on electricity costs, contribute to clean energy, and potentially earn credits for surplus power.

What is Net Meter ?

Net metering is a billing arrangement where excess energy generated by a renewable energy system (e.g., solar) is fed back into the grid, and the customer receives credits for the surplus energy.

Why is it important to install a net meter ?

Installing a net meter is crucial for accurately measuring energy production, optimizing renewable energy use, and taking advantage of net metering benefits, such as cost savings and environmental impact.

Technical Specification

Bi-Directional ac Static Watt-hour Meter

Items Technical Specification
System 1x240V, 10(60)A, 50Hz, 0-360° PF
3x240v, 10(100)A, 50Hz, 0-360° PF
Accuracy 1.0 accuracy Class, As per IS 13779
Measuring Parameters • Active & Apparent Power & Energy in both Import & Export mode
• Net Energy Calculation
• Maximum Demand with Date & Time snap shots
• Power On-Off event logging
• Last 6months Billing Data
• ToU wise Data i.e. upto 8 configurable Tariff Zones
• Daily(midnight) & every 15/30/60Min Load profile Data
• Anti-Tamper and Event loggingTrue (4-Q) Energy measurement in Three Phase Bi-directional Meter
Communication Galvanically Isolated Optical Port for Communication
Mounting Wall/Projection Mounting type 03 Nos mounting holes
Key type hole at Top (back Side, inaccessible after mounting) & 02Nos at Bottom inside inaccessible once Terminal Cover is sealed
Material Non-inflammable High Grade Engineering plastic/polycarbonate
Sealing Arrangement • Ultra-Sonically welded Top and Base of the Meter
• Sealable Optical & Terminal Cover

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Genus Initiates Smart Meter Installation in Uttarakhand for Enhanced Power Efficiency

Genus becomes first and only Indian Company to get BIS certification for Gas Meters