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Hybrid Microcircuits (HMC IC’s) are custom made circuit modules. Conductors, resistors, dielectric and overglaze pastes are screen printed and fired on a ceramic substrate building reliable multi-layer circuit. Precise value of resistors is achieved by laser trimming as per customer or circuit requirements. Extensive use of Surface Mount Components or Devices (SMC or SMD’s ) makes the circuit compact and reliable.


Hybrid Microcircuits are used in all Electronic Sectors.GENUS would be glad to venture into these areas with you through collaborative approach.

Some of the areas and products are:
  • Telecommunication - Line Card Hybrids, Switching modules, Attenuator pads, Amplifiers, Filters, Surge Protector, Battery Charger
  • Automotive - Voltage Regulators, Ignition Modules, Fuel Sender Resistors, Dashboard Hybrids, Wiper Control, Door Control, Lock control, Electronic Safety and Control, Car Audio Electronics
  • Consumer - TV Brightness and Contrast Control, TV Games, Electronic Toys.
  • Industrial - DC/DC Converter, Proximity Switches, Solid State Relays, Frequency Converter, Elevator Control, UPS and Inverters
  • IT Products / Computers - Standard R-Networks, Power Supply Hybrids, Interface Units.
  • R-Networks - Bussed, Isolated, Duel Terminator Networks, R/2R Ladder Network, Precision Network, High Power and High Voltage Networks.
  • Power Electronics - Energy Metering Circuits, High Wattage Resistors, Voltage dividers, Precision Resistors, Power Modules
  • New Applications - Hybrids and Thick Film Technology is finding its way into newer areas of applications such as Bluetooth, Sensors, Transducers, Electro-luminescent Displays, Printing on Steel Substrate (for high power application) etc.

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