APFCTM Automatic Power Factor Controller

The Automatic Power Factor Controller (APFC), a unique solution to improve & regulate the Power factor, is a 3Phase 4Wire Electronic Energy Meter with integrated Power factor Controller.

The product has the intelligence to compare the desired power factor with measured one & accordingly introduce reactive power into the system by connection & disconnection of Capacitor banks.

APFC measures the reactive Power (KVAr) phase wise and KVAr that it needs to generate from its capacitor banks to achieve the desired power factor. The meter selects the most optimal combination of capacitors present with each phase.

The minimization in reactive load in the system in turn reduces the losses in the system. The Three Phase TOD LTCT operated meter is microcontroller based metering device with class of accuracy 0.5S that simultaneously carries out real time calculation of parameters, manages memory, Display, RTC & Serial Communication.

Plug and play deployment due to high modularity and extensive configuration capability to cater to all installation scenarios, including Target Power Factor, Trigger Power Factor, response time, Capacitor values and voltage ratings, High Voltage protection value, besides other metering parameters.


  • LT Consumers
  • Distribution Transformers
  • Housing Societies


  • Facilitates Regulatory compliance
  • Maintains optimum power factor resulting into reduction of technical loss
  • Improves Voltage profile
  • Augments plant & network capacity, thereby reducing capital expenditure requirement


Automatic Power Factor Controller

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