Grid & Sub-Station Meter ABT Compliant

Grid & Sub-Station Meter

Three Phase Four Wire HT CT-PT operated, ABT compliant, Time of Use Static Meter is a high precision microcontroller-based device and has measurement accuracy for both Active & Reactive Energy up to 0.2S.

The 0.2S Class of Accuracy, self-powered with Dual Auxiliary Supply ( AC/DC)* option & true 4-Quardarant Bi-directional energy measurement with high-speed Ethernet (TCP/IP), RS-232 & RS-485* (option) communication port makes it ideal for Grid Metering & Bulk Energy Transfer Application.


  • Bulk power Transfer Points
  • Interface Metering Points
  • Feeders/Grid Sub-Stations
  • Open Access Consumers/Licensee
  • Tariff Metering
  • Energy Accounting/Audit etc.


  • Separate Energy/Power Registration for Import & Export Metering
  • Separate Energy/Power Registration for Lag/Lead Reactive Quantity
  • Load Survey for every 15-min Block
  • Average coded frequency for every 15-min Block
  • Configurable Time of Use (TOD) slots
  • Reliable Data communication Remotely at higher Baud Rate
  • Supports to Open Communication protocol for Meter Data Reading & Integration
  • Configurable CT/PT Ratio

Grid & Sub-Station Meter