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Smart grid technologies are self-sufficient systems that give you quick solutions to electricity issues in available systems. It also minimizes the workforce and targets a safe, reliable, sustainable, and quality power supply to all consumers. Genus company provides premium-quality smart metering solutions in India and abroad. And in this blog, we are going to discuss some smart grid mechanisms and their applications in the world of electricity. So keep on reading.

What Are Some Smart Grid Technologies and Applications?

Smart grid technologies perform simple functions like traditional grid technologies. Along with that, they give an added advantage of tracking all activities remotely for faster and better performance and responses. The six major applications of modern grid technologies are as follows:

1. Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI):

AMI refers to applying advanced technologies like smart meters to ensure that there’s a two-way flow of data between utility agencies and customers. This data includes the time and amount of consumption and proper pricing. It lets smart grids have a broad range of qualities, unlike traditional grid technologies.

The qualities involve the following:

These qualities of the smart grid solutions imply improved control over electric efficiency across the world.

2. Demand Response (DR):

DR is an emerging application for DSM or Demand-side management. Some instances are applications that aid the reliability of the grids by giving services like spinning reserves and operating reserves, frequency control, and applications that help to minimize the entire energy prices and volatility.

From the customer perspective, there can be two categories of DR programs:
Incentive-based DR: It’s where the advantages are improved by promoting an incentive to influence client behaviors to modify their required consumption.
Price-based DR: It’s where clients make adjustments to their electricity consumption in response to the time-variant prices developed by their utility agencies to optimize their electricity consumption and save on bills.

Direct Response provides the opportunity to minimize the electricity usage of the customers during the peak periods through the programs that we have mentioned here, thereby ensuring a huge role in the operation of power grids with the hopes of balancing the needs for demand and supply.

3. Electric Vehicles:

With the obvious electrification of the transport sector, Electric Vehicles are an opted solution to issues like global warming, etc. EVs help promote Smart Grid sustainability by working as distributed resources for storage that promote ancillary services like peak-shaving power, frequency regulation, etc for the system or integration of changing renewable resources. For the best metering solutions around Net metering, Gross Metering, Import Export metering, and its analysis, reach out to Genus company.

4. Distributed Energy Resources and Storage (DER):

A part of distributed generation, DER implies smaller energy sources that are on the consumer side of the power generator meter. Power is generated from sources near the edge of use than from a centralized system. A few instances are wind generating units and rooftop solar photovoltaic units. Some key features of DER are as follows:

For the best metering solutions around Net metering, Gross Metering, Import Export metering and its analysis, reach out to Genus Power. With us, you’ll also get the best smart grid solutions for commercial needs.

5. Distribution Grid Management:

It means the management of the distribution grid by gathering, organizing, showing, and analyzing real-time electric distribution system information whenever required. This setup lets grid operators strategize and place complicated works to enhance efficiency, touch targets, stop failure and boost up the energy flow.

What are the Benefits of Smart Grid Technologies?

Below are the benefits of smart grid technologies. You can get premium-quality metering solutions at Genus company.


Electricity is one of the most important pillars of the growth of civilization. Since its inception, electricity distribution channels are evolving. Smart contemporary solutions are taking place to ensure more convenience in people’s lives. Among such solutions, smart grid solutions enable innovative levels of communication between electrical corporations and end-users.

Genus Power is India’s leading smart metering solutions company that produces and delivers quality metering solutions in India and abroad. If you have any queries regarding smart metering solutions, get in touch with us.


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