Single Phase Prepayment


“Genus AgrimTM is a Prepayment Energy Meter with flexible and secure Web Based revenue management solutions for electricity distribution companies. The Solution includes Single & Three Phase KeyPad Based Energy Meter, in-house Consumer Interface Unit (CIU), and web-based central server for meter database along with Vending Software Management. The meter could also be used in stand-alone mode without CIU.”



  • Residential Connections
  • Light Commercial Connections
  • Industries
  • Shopping Complexes
  • Municipal Corporations


  • Advance revenue recovery
  • Better demand & load Management
  • Reduced infrastructure & resources for Meter Reading, Bill Distribution, Payment Collection and Maintenance & Operation
  • Eliminate billing hassles
  • Energy budgeting & consumption Optimization
  • Conditional Alarm alerts
  • System Transparency
    Main Control Unit
    • Robust Design
    • 20 - Digit Proprietary CTS / STS Complaint Decryption
    • IP 54 Complaint Meter Casing Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor Installations
    • User Friendly LCD Display Allowing Consumers to have an Access to Meter Information
    • Bi-Colour LED for Credit Status Warning
    • LED Indication for Tamper
    • Advanced Anti-Tenper Features like Earth Load, Cover Open Etc.
    • Configurable Load Limiting Feature Depending upon the Consumer load
    • Optical Port to facilitate the data downloading option for utlities to Analyse the Meter Consumption
    • Load Disconnect for Power Fail
    • 2 Wire Galvanically Isolated Communication with CIU with a Distance of Minimum 100 meter (Optional)
    • Wired or Wireless Communication with CIU over Low Power Radio Frequency (LPRF) (Optional)
      Customer Interface Unit
      • No Additional Power Requirement for CIU incase of Wired Interface
      • In Wireless Interface, CIU Powered with Battery Backup
      • LCD with Alphanumeric Digits for Displaying Energy Registers AND Token Messages in User Friendly Format
      • Status Information Provided Through The Language Independent Icons
      • 12-Digit Keypad with Audible Feedback
      • Short Codes for Meter Functional Verification
      • CIU Beeps on All Token Messages i.e. Low Credit , Acceptance or Rejection of Token etc
      • Instantaneous Load and Historical Data on Display
      • Last Five Credit Tokens Entered on Display
      • User Programmable Alarm Limits and Duration
      • LED Indicators for Credit Status, Load Connect / Disconnect and Consumption Rate
      • Two Wire Polarity Independent Connection Assures Easy Installation
      • 20-Digit Proprietary CTS/STS Complaint Decryption.

Product Features


What is Customer Interface Unit ?

The Customer Interface Unit (CIU) is a device used in utility services, typically associated with prepayment meters, allowing customers to interact with meters through BLE and manage their energy consumption.

How does Customer Interface unit work ?

The Customer Interface Unit (CIU) works by communicating with the utility meters over BLE, displaying consumption information, and enabling customers to input credit tokens or perform other transactions to manage their energy usage.

What is the purpose of CIU ?

The primary purpose of the Customer Interface Unit (CIU) is to empower customers to monitor and control their energy usage, make payments, and ensure a more efficient and transparent billing process without physical meter access.

How can we change Customer Interface Unit ?

Changing the Customer Interface Unit (CIU) usually involves contacting the utility provider. They will assess the need for replacement and handle the installation of a new CIU if required.

What are the components of CIU ?

Customer Interface Unit (CIU) components typically include a display screen, keypad for user input, communication modules, and processing unit for managing transactions and meter data.

What are the benefits of CIU ?

Benefits of Customer Interface Unit (CIU) include real-time consumption information, enhanced control over energy usage, improved billing accuracy, and the convenience of managing payments without physical meter access.

How does CIU work ?

Customer Interface Unit (CIU) works by establishing communication with the utility meter, retrieving consumption data, and allowing users to input credit tokens or perform other transactions through the user interface.

How is Customer Interface Unit charged ?

The Customer Interface Unit (CIU) is usually part of the utility service, and its cost is integrated into the overall billing structure. There may be associated fees or charges for replacement or additional services.

What are the Advantages of CIU ?

Advantages of Customer Interface Unit (CIU) include better control over energy expenses, reduced chances of disconnection, improved accuracy in billing, and the convenience of managing payments remotely.

How is CIU connected to meter ?

Customer Interface Unit (CIU) is connected to the meter through wired or wireless communication protocols, allowing seamless data exchange between the two devices.

How can we fix error 30 ?

Fixing error 30 on a Customer Interface Unit (CIU) may involve troubleshooting steps provided by the utility provider, such as checking for a stable power supply, ensuring proper communication with the meter, or contacting customer support for assistance.

Power Sector Leadership

  • 75+ million

    Electricity meters installed
  • Empanelled
    with all leading utilities
  • 65000 sq mtr

    Integrated manufacturing
  • Research & Development
    Centre recognized by Govt. Of India

Genus Initiates Smart Meter Installation in Uttarakhand for Enhanced Power Efficiency

Genus becomes first and only Indian Company to get BIS certification for Gas Meters