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SAMAGRA- Three phase ABT meter

Three phase ABT meter

Three Phase Four Wire HT CT Operated time of Use Static energy Meter is a high precision microcontroller based device and has measurement accuracy for both Active & Reactive Energy upto 0.25.
The 0.25 & 0.55 Class of Accuracy, Dual Auxiliary Supply (AC/DC) option & true 4-Quadarant Bi-direction Energy measurement with high speed ethernet (TCP/IP), RS-232 & RS-485″ (option) communication port makes it ideal for Grid Metering & Bulk Energy Transfer Application.



  • Housed in high grade, flame retardant Engg Plastic/Polycarbonate Suitable for Indoor & outdoor Installation.
  • 7-Segment LCD Display with back-lit.
  • Self Powered Supply or Auxiliary AC/DC supply operated with auto switchover from AC/DC supply (optional)
  • Pulse O/p for Active, Reactive Energy (Impulse/Unit)
  • 4-Quadarant, Import/Export Metering.
  • Availability Based Tariff (ABT) feature option
  • Successive Data measurement for every 15/5-Min (Configurable) block of Energy, Demand, Frequency (Import/Export), Average Coded frequency.
  • Tamper/fraud Detection & event logging with snapshot details.
  • Daily Energy/Demand & Load survey data storage.
  • Multiple communication port Compatible for remote & local Data downloading (support Ethernet/RS- 485/RS-232 communication).
  • Compatible for AMR communication
  • User friendly Base Computer Software (Urja™) for Meter Data Analysis at PC/Laptop.


    Bulk Power Transfer Point
  • Interface Metering Points
  • Tariff Metering
  • Open Access Consumers/Licensee
  • Feeders/Grid Sub-Stations
  • Energy Accounting/Audit etc.


  • Separate Energy/Power Registration for Import & Export Metering
  • Separate Energy/Power Registration for Lag/Lead Reactive Quantity
  • Load Survey for every 15/5 Min (Configurable) block
  • Digit coded Avg. frequency for every 15-min block
  • Configurable Time of Use (TOD) slots
  • Reliable Data communication Remotely at higher Baud Rate
  • Configurable CT/PT Ratio


Paylite Three Phase Smart Prepayment Meter

Technical Specification

Voltage 110Volt (P-P), 63.5Volt (P-N)-30% το 20%
Current lb 14 or 5A, Imax= 120% or 200% of Ib As per Requirement
Class of Index 0.25 or 0.55 (As per IS/IEC standards)
Mains Frequency 50Hz±5%
Auxiliary Power Supply (If Auxiliary powered –Optional)
A. Voltage Circuit 230 Volt
B. Current Circuit 110/220V
Power Consumption 50 Hz ± 5%
A. Voltage Circuit <1.5 Watt & 10 VA or Better per Phase
B. Current Circuit <1 VA or Better per Phase
Applicable Standard IEC 32052-11, IEC 62053-22, IEC 62053-23
Mechanical Details
A. Weight <2.5 Kgs (Approx.)
B. Dimensions (WxHxD) 183mm x 284mm x 83mm
C. Meter Body Polycarbonate/Engg. Plastic
D. Sealing 1. Meter Base and Cover, Sealing Arrangement

2. Terminal Cover Sealing Arrangement
3. Sealable Communication port & MD Reset Button

Salient Features

Display 7 Segment LCD with Backlit
Communication lb1A or 5A, Imax= 120% or 200% of Ib As per Requirement
A. Remote Compatible for GSM/GPRS communication
1. Optical port on front side for on-demand & online communication
2. Additional RS232/RS485 (Optional) communication port
3. Additional TCP/IP Port (Optional)
B. Local Data downloading facility through CMRI/HHU
Anti-Tamper/Fraud Detection 1. Self Diagnostic Feature
2. Malfunctioning Detection & Event Logging with Snap Shot Details
Base Computer Software (Urja™) 1. User friendly GUI software compatible with windows 98/XP/Win7 or higher version OS for Meter Data Analysis at PC/Laptop in Graphical & Matrix format.
2. Easy to access, print & save various Analysis reports

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