Genus Single Phase Prepaid Meter with NFC Smart Card

Genus Single Phase Prepaid Meter with NFC Smart Card Meter is a flexible and secure Web Based revenue management solutions for electricity distribution companies. The Solution includes single phase meter along with a NFC based smart card making the recharge process hassle free and user friendly operation its “Just Tap and Go”, the solution is comprises of a state of the art revenue management software revenue reconciliations.


  • Better demand & load Management
  • Smart Card functionality (NFC)
  • 20 Digits STS compliant decryption
  • Real Time prepaid calculations
  • DLMS/COSEM Complied
  • Bi Color credit status warning LED
  • In built buzzer for alarming low credit
  • State of the art web based vending software for support dynamic slab tariffs and other billing components
  • Intuitive Display for user friendly day to day operations
  • Precise working & continue power supply metering in harsh electrical and environmental conditions & withstood.
  • User friendly numeric keypad for tokens insertion
  • Provision of online recharge facility via integration with third party payment gateways


  • Active and apparent forward energy registers.
  • Maximum demand(KW/KVA)
  • Midnight and load survey data recording.
  • Billing and reading the meter in the absence of power supply.
  • Real time prepaid calculations
  • Individually configurable Load Survey & Maximum Demand integration periods

Benefits / Perks

  • Upfront revenue recovery for the service provider
  • Reduced infrastructure & resources for Meter Reading, Bill Distribution, Payment Collection and Maintenance & Operation
  • System Transparency
  • No surprising bill amount
  • No Disconnection due to low credit in friendly hours/days

Revenue Protections

  • Advanced anti-tamper capabilities prevention, detection and deterrence.
  • Quality-of-supply information.
  • Event logging with date & time
  • Load Limiting feature for load management
  • Terminal Cover open detection

Meter data Security

  • Meter data protected against manipulation.
  • Authenticated billing and metering data, with time stamps.
  • Secured cryptographic token algorithm(STS)

Product Variant Available with various communication options

  • AMR Compatible
  • BLE 5.0 Provision


Genus Single Phase Prepaid Meter with NFC Smart Card

Technical Specification

Connection type Single Phase Two wire direct connected LED Indicators MCU MCU 3 Nos. LED’s
Cal, Tamper & Bi Color LED for credit Status
Standards IS 15884, IS15959, IEC 62052-11, IEC 62055-41, IEC 62055-31, IEC 62056 Communication Ports Optical Port For local communication
Smart Card (NFC)
Metrology Accuracy Class -1 Communication Protocol DLMS/COSEM
Rated Voltage 230/240 V (-40% to +20%) Operating Temperature Range -10°C to +55°C
Rate Current Ib(Imax)A= 10(60)A, 5(30)A
Withstand 120% of Imax
Storage Temperature Range -25°C to +70°C
Starting Current 0.2% of Ib Relative Humidity Up to 95%, non condensing
Frequency 50 Hz ± 5% Degree of Protection / IP Rating IP 51, ( IP 54 using meter enclosure)
Power Consumption Voltage Circuit: <2W/10VA at rated voltage
Current Circuit: <2.5VA at 5A
Weight MCU ~ 0.850 Kg
Load Contactor Latching Relay Dimension MCU – 163 X 133 X 65 (MM)
Display  7 Segment 8 Digits LCD display with backlight
Type of installation Indoor

Power Sector Leadership

  • 75+ million

    Electricity meters installed
  • Empanelled
    with all leading utilities
  • 65000 sq mtr

    Integrated manufacturing
  • Research & Development
    Centre recognized by Govt. Of India