Single Phase ACHOOK

AchookTM Portable Reference Meter

Genus AchookTM -1080 is a portable Reference Standard Meter available for Single Phase Energy Meter Testing. It measures the power system parameters and verifies the accuracy of Single Phase Electronic Energy Meters in laboratory as well as on site testing conditions. The use of Clamp-on CT facilitates to verify & record the accuracy of Energy measurement of Installed Electricity Meters without disconnecting them.


  • Utilities
  • Laboratory
  • Energy Auditing
  • Industries


  • Accuracy of an Energy Meter can be verified without disconnecting it from the Site
  • Accuracy results are stored in Memory for further report generation with Base Station Software
  • Alert for Connection Check, High/ Low Voltage, Reverse/Missing Current
  • Rugged construction, Lightweight, handy & ergonomic design make it easy to use
  • Low power Consuming device, No separate Auxiliary Power Supply is required


Portable Reference Meter

Power Sector Leadership

  • 70+ million

    electricity meters installed
  • Empanelled
    with all leading utilities
  • 65000 sq mtr

    Integrated manufacturing
  • Research & Development
    lab recognized by Govt. Of India

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