Online Prepayment

On-line “Pre-paid” Metering Solution

The smart prepaid solution is an online solution where smart meter is used as measuring device and all the financial transactions are carried out at the server end. With the use of smart meter utility is always connected with meter and have total control of it. Financial transactions at server end enable a utility to have faster & better control of all the changes in tariffs, Government duties, and Rebates. The unique advantages of this system are:

  • Head END Server (HES) based Revenue Management
    • No token entry by keypad
    • Real time tariff Update
    • No Meter dependant Credit Calculation
  • Integrated GPRS modem (two way communication)
    • Online Alert in case of any abnormality
    • Online Load Pattern Availability
    • All Credit information like Current balance, Rate/Unit, Last recharge amount, settlement amount are on Server
    • Configurable load Limit (Peak Load Management)
  • DLMS/COSEM Open protocol


  • Utility
  • Township
  • Industries
  • Municipal corporations
  • Shopping Complex


Utility Remote Communication facility (Two-Way)
  • Save Revenue , Real time Tariff Update
  • Save per token OPEX cost, Remote Credit Update
  • Suitable for Govt. Deptt./VIP/Temporary Consumer, Remote Amount Settlement
Online Data Monitoring facility
  • Save Revenue , Reduced Billing Cycle
  • Reduce OPEX of Meter reading, Eliminate Manual Reading through CMRI
  • Use of Existing Infrastructure, Can be integrated with existing Billing System
  • Enhanced MIS information
Fault/Tamper Alert Notification
  • Save the Revenue, Alert information enable early identification of Power Theft through proactive action
  • Improve Supply Condition, notification for various Electrical Conditions etc
Power Outage Notification
  • Immediate Outage information enable utility for better Customer Services
Remote Load/Demand Management
  • In case of limited power availability load limit reduction (Brown Out facility) rather complete black out
  • Disconnection remotely of Temporary or default consumers
  • Remote ON/OFF in Emergency
  • Provision for Auto Disconnection can be based on logics defined by utility i.e. Demand Response, Over Drawl
  • Eliminate billing hassles
  • Energy budgeting & consumption Optimization
  • Conditional Alarm alerts
  • System Transparency

On-line “Pre-paid” Metering Solution

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