Multifunctional Meter SAMARTH

Multifunctional Meter SAMARTH

“Samarth”, panel/flush mounting energy meters, is a range of multifunction metering solution for AC & DC measurement.

High precision measuring device have it’s application in Building Management Solutions, Telecom Industry, Industrial/Grid Sub-Station Automation (SCADA), Energy Accounting Control & Relay Panels with different add-on communication option i.e. RS-485, RS-232, GSM/GPRS & Ethernet/TCP-IP etc.

Samarth-DC I Multi-Channel Direct Current (DC measuring) Energy Meter

The “Samarth-DC” is a multi-channel DC measuring instrument is a unique solution with add-on communication facilities for local & remote interfacing with Control/Data Center in its class.

The device has wide range of Direct Current (multi-channel) & Voltage measurement and Various Electrical parameters like Power/Energy/Demand available to display & store into it.

Technical Specifications

Shunt Based Multi-channel DC Energy Meter with add-on GPRS Modem & RS-485 communication port.

Samarth I Multi function AC Energy Meter

The “Samarth” is a multifunction digital panel meter with high precision for measurement of electrical parameter like AC voltage/Current/ frequency/ Power (W/VAr/VA)/Energy.

A well suited device for CT/VT & LT-CT operated application is available in wide range of factory & field configurable parameters and communication option.

Larger LCD display enables numerous parameters representation simultaneously on Single Screen and Digital pulse input/output feature makes it best in category.


  • Plant Automation & Building Management System
  • Grid Substation automation & monitoring system (SCADA)
  • Switchgear, Control & relay panels
  • Energy Auditing & Monitoring Systems

Multifunctional Meter SAMARTH

  • Ergonomic & Rugged design for industrial & commercial application
  • Easy programmability through keypad & software
  • Four Line seven segment display along with display parameters configurability
  • Measurement selection configurability of 3P4W & 3P3W,Secondary current 1A or 5A
  • Field programmable CT & PT ratios with password protection
  • Unidirectional /Bidirectional recording
  • Indication for Quadrant of operation & Current Reversal
  • Active , Reactive energy Calibration LED for accuracy test in field
  • Accuracy class of 0.2S,0.5S
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD )measurement & display for Voltage ,Current & Power
  • Fixed & Sliding Window demand integration capability
  • Connection check display for ease of installation
  • Ethernet & RS 485 Modbus communication facility
  • DI(Digital Input)& DO(Digital output) to integrate with control application
  • Tamper detection & logging
  • Mid Night , load survey ,Billing & TOD parameters configuration & recording
  • Add on module for pulse input /output

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